Making History Project
"Preserving Veterans' Stories"
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

About the Making History Project

Making History ProjectWho We Are

The Making History Project is a Florida non-profit organization located in Miami, Florida.

Patrick Russell, a lawyer, and oral historian is the founder and a Director. Patrick came up with the idea for starting the Making History Project on June 6, 2010, while visiting Omaha Beach in Normandy, France for the 66th Anniversary of D-Day. After speaking with the World War II Veterans that were in attendance that day, Patrick decided that more must be done to preserve the stories of these great men as well as our other Veterans.

The Making History Project was formally launched in 2015, and non-profit status was obtained in 2017. The Making History Project is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of a diverse group of individuals and community leaders, all of whom are passionate about Veterans and history.

What We Do

The mission of the Making History Project is to preserve Veterans’ stories. Veterans’ stories are preserved through in-person video oral history interviews. Once an oral history interview is completed, a DVD copy of the interview is given to the Veteran and his or her family. In the end, the oral history interview is permanently archived with the U.S. Library of Congress and the University of Florida Samuel Proctor Oral History Program so it may be accessed by future generations.


The Making History Project has conducted numerous oral history interviews of Veterans. Every Veteran interviewed thus far has been delighted with the interview and the opportunity to share their story. Likewise, family members are entirely grateful for having a recorded testimony of their loved one’s military service. More often than not, family members have heard some stories for the very first time as a result of the oral history interview.

The Making History Project is a regular attendee at Veteran reunions, commemorations, battlefields, and museums. In furtherance of research related to combat trauma, the Making History Project has presented at academic conferences for the Oral History Association, the Midwest World History Association, and to Veteran groups. The Making History Project intends to continue this important research through its interviews by comparing and contrasting the effects of combat trauma on Veterans from different generations and conflicts.

Freedom is not free nor should it be taken for granted. All Veterans have made a sacrifice. All gave some, while some gave all. In that regard, the Making History Project will try to leave no Veteran behind by continuing to honor their service through education, understanding, and preserving those stories.

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