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80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

pearl harbor

This year represents the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into World War II. This single event would forever alter the history of the world, the trajectory of nations, and impact an entire generation. A small contingent of World War II Veterans have made their way to Pearl Harbor for this momentous event.

The National World War II Museum is hosting a commemorative ceremony for the Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary. Likewise, the National World War II Museum is having an electronic field trip to Pearl Harbor as well. If interested, please be sure to register for these fine programs.

The Greatest Generation was called to service on December 7th, 1941. They selflessly volunteered in droves to serve their country and came from all walks of life from big cities to dusty farms. Through their determination, spirit, and heroism, the United State prevailed in World War II. The combined efforts of all branches of the military, the Army, Navy, Marines, Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, and those on the homefront ensured victory.

The sacrifices of our Veterans was tremendous. Many lost their lives and future generations of families were never conceived. For those that returned, there were missing limbs and scars, both external and internal. But this generation persevered and brought greatness. For that, were are eternally grateful.

Due to the advancing age of our World War II Veterans, now more than ever is the time to preserve their stories. Sadly, with each passing day, we are losing members of the Greatest Generation at an alarming rate. The opportunity to speak to these Veterans and to save their stories should not be wasted as they are all national treasures.

Preserving Veteran stories is the prime mission of the Making History Project. If you are Veteran, or know of a Veteran who may be interested in sharing their story, please be sure to contact us. We are dedicated to leaving no Veteran behind as no story is too small or not worthy of saving.