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Weekly Review for Veterans and Oral History for Friday, August 21, 2015

Last_bulit_A-4_Skyhawk_in_flight_in_February_1979Here are some recent articles of interest that I found this week for U.S. Veterans. Enjoy!


Own History: COME ON!! Want to Own a Warbird from WWII, Vietnam or the Gulf War? Take your pick…

Always dreamt of owning a warbird? What happens to military aircraft once then have come to the end of their service life? Many go into the melting pot, many go into museums and some become ‘gate guards’. But also, many are released onto the open market which means you too could own one. Check out the list below at what you could pick up – if you have the money!!

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Watch History: Combat Footage of 5th Marines Landing on Peleliu (Watch)

Watch the 5th Marines land on Peleliu Island in September 1944 during the Pacific Campaign. In this video are shots on beach of troops disembarking from landing craft, scenes inside landing craft on way to beach and from within LST-736 as landing craft exits. Scenes of ships in support of operations.  Soldiers on beachhead. Tank moves inland. No sound though!

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Finding History: Nazi gold found in Germany by intrepid treasure hunter and metal detector

A store of gold Nazi coins has been discovered in a northern German town.

The coins are thought to be worth around €45,000 and were found by a local man who does metal detecting and a little archaeology as a hobby.

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History Maker: WWII Veteran Robert Shelato, oral history interview excerpt uploaded to MHP

WWII Veteran Robert Shelato was interviewed in St. Mere Eglise, Normandy France on June 4, 2014.  Robert served in the 249th Engineer Combat Regiment as a Weapons Sergeant.  Robert saw action in France, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Luxembourg and Germany.

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Legends of History: The Greatest German General No One Ever Heard Of – Over 1000 Enemy Tank Kills 

December 1942 was a time of crisis for the German army in Russia. The Sixth Army was encircled in Stalingrad. Gen. Erich von Manstein, the commander of Army Group Don, planned to break the siege with a dagger thrust to the Volga River from the southwest by the Fourth Panzer Army, supported by the XLVIII Panzer Corps to its immediate north attacking across the Don River. But before the two German units could link up, the Soviet Fifth Tank Army under the command of Gen. P. L. Romanenko crossed the Chir River, a tributary of the Don, and drove deep into German lines.

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Rewards of History: Three WWII Vets receive Medals 70-years later

Three World War II veterans have received their long overdue medals in a ceremony held at Red Rocks community college. This ceremony was particularly interesting for historians since it was a rare occurrence in military history that veterans receive medals seven decades after they were actually awarded. All three veterans fought gallantly during the war but were captured by the Nazis. After spending time in the infamous Nazi POW camps, these American soldiers were freed after the Victory was achieved in 1945.

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Thank you for reading (and sharing).  Stay tuned for next week’s weekly review for U.S. Veterans.

Vietnam Veteran wins local phase of national writing competition

Carl Burns, a Vietnam Veteran who lives in Manalapan, won first place in the New Jersey Veterans Administration local phase of the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition. His essay, “Hangar Crew,” tells the story of a group of Veterans who came together to restore a Bell-UH-1D helicopter (“Huey”), left in a field in New Jersey for 20 years, forgotten by time. The essay has moved on to the national portion of the competition.

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