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MHP Events Updated

Making History Project Updates its Event Schedule The Making History Project updated its event schedule for the year and it is looking to be a busy one.  Three new WWII Veteran interviews have been recently added in addition to a WWII Veteran Reunion in Seattle and another WWII Veteran Reunion in Charleston.  This does not include the Oral History Association …

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Memorial Day – Honoring the Sacrifice

Memorial Day: The Greatest Sacrifice Memorial Day is intended to honor those Veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country, our values and our way of life. There can be no greater selfless sacrifice than dying for your country and what you believe in.  Since life is the greatest gift ever given, we should not as the benefactors of that sacrifice …

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Veterans History Project

This IS What We Do – Veterans History Project The Making History Project, a non-profit organization, supports the Veterans History Project by sharing our Veteran oral history interviews with the US Library of Congress.  Preserving the memories of our Veterans, old and new alike, is an important mission for the Making History Project.  We are focused on gathering as many …

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World War II Gallery Additions

World War II Photos for Bayeux, Centre Juno Beach, Deadman’s Corner Museum, and Gourbesville More additions have been made to the World War II Galleries for the Making History Project.  The World War II Galleries host photos for our trips to conduct Veteran interviews, attend World War II events or to tour World War II battlefields and museums.  This week, I …

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New Photos for the World War II Galleries

World War II Photos for Events, Battlefields and Museums I have been working hard to catalog, organize and now upload the countless photos taken by the Making History Project over the years for trips to conduct Veteran interviews, attend World War II events or to tour World War II battlefields and museums.  New World War II photo galleries have been added …

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WWII Veteran Gerald Haviland Interviewed

MHP Completes Another Veteran Oral History Interview This past weekend, I had the honor to complete an oral history interview of World War II Veteran, Gerald Haviland, in his home in Caryville, Florida. Caryville is a small rural town in northwest Florida approximately ninety miles west of Tallahassee.  Mr. Haviland who is 99 years old, was a Master Sergeant in …

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Oral History Technology Updates

Technology and Preservation While there have not been many updates lately, rest assured that I have not been idle.  After having a brief and some would say inevitable computer and hard drive mishap, I have been diligently working behind the scenes upgrading equipment and taking pro active steps to ensure that all project information and digital assets are properly organized, …

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Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Luncheon

VBOB LUNCHEON FOR FLORIDA SOUTHEAST CHAPTER Happy New Year!  With the Holidays as a not too distant pleasant memory, I am now back to catching up with news updates and oral history work for the Making History Project. As an associate member of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, I had the honor and privilege of attending their …

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