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Day Three: 508 PIR Association Reunion

Oral History Presentation Veterans Day is the perfect day to share an update for last Saturday’s events at the 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment Association Reunion.  On that day, I conducted an audio and video presentation to the membership.  My presentation focused on the progress of my oral history interviews and why preserving the legacy of all Veterans is important.  After my presentation, …

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Day Two: 508 PIR Association Reunion

Visit to The Citadel On the second day of the 508 PIR Association Reunion, we all visited The Citadel, a private military university in Charleston, South Carolina.  A mantra of The Citadel is “Honor – Duty – Respect”, a message we all can take to heart.  We received a very nice and informative tour of the campus by a Citadel …

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Day One: 508 PIR Association Reunion

Paratrooper Reunion Spent a wonderful day in Charleston, South Carolina with the 508 PIR Association for its 10th Anniversary Reunion.  For the first time, current members of the 82nd Airborne joined and participated in the festivities along with other paratroopers from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Central America and our current conflicts in the Middle East.  We all got an …

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Why We Fight and Why We Remember

On this day, take a moment to reflect upon 9/11.  Fifteen years have already passed since that fateful morning.  As time passes it is often easy to forget our original call to action.  Why We Fight, either as a question or as a rallying call, is repeated throughout history.  When conflicts drag on and the loss of life seemingly has no …

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World War II Oral History Interviews

WWII Veteran Albert Siewers This past July, I was able to meet and interview World War II Veteran, Albert Siewers, in Jupiter, Florida.  PFC Siewers was a medic who served in the Second Armored Division, 130 General Hospital.  PFC. Siewers participated in the campaigns of the Ardennes, Northern France, and the Rhineland. PFC. Siewers was originally scheduled to work in …

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WWII Oral History Interview

WWII Veteran Robert Erskine Last month I had the honor and privilege to interview World War II Veteran, Robert Erskine, in Jupiter, Florida.  Mr. Erskine was a medic who rose to the rank of Sergeant while serving in the 78th Infantry Division, 303 Medical Battalion.  Sgt. Erskine is a Battle of the Bulge Veteran, having participated in three major battle campaigns …

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Affiliation With University of Florida SPOHP

UF Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Affiliation I am proud to announce that I recently became affiliated with the University of Florida Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP), and this is my new profile (scroll down to the bottom).  This is a great honor and an excellent opportunity to expand oral history initiatives to South Florida. SPOHP is an award-winning and …

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World War II Veteran Stan Saltz Interviewed

On June 18th, I was honored to meet and interview World War II Veteran Stanley Saltz in Delray Beach, Florida.  PFC Saltz served with the 75th Infantry Division as a combat engineer.  Stanley Saltz was primarily responsible for finding and disabling mines and boobytraps. Stanley participated in the Battle of the Bulge, the Rhine River crossing, and the liberation of …

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