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Veterans Oral History Interviews

World War II Foundation Films

The World War II Foundation, through its founder Tim Gray, recently announced that all of its documentary films are now free to view.

There are currently 26 films concerning various topics or battles of World War II that are told from the personal perspective of World War II veterans

To learn more or to begin watching these great documentaries, please visit the World War II Foundation.

Memorial Day 2020

In honor of Memorial Day, please take a moment out of your day to remember and Honor the Fallen, whose sacrifice has allowed you to live the life you have today.

There is no greater place to live in the world than right here in the good old USA. Our freedoms are unrivaled, but they did not come free.

Not only did the Fallen make the ultimate sacrifice, but so to have their parents, significant others, and children who no longer have their company to share. Keep them in your thoughts as well today.

Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day

Always Rember the Sacrifice

On this Veterans Day, please take some time today to think of our Veterans. When doing so, consider all the sacrifices the Veteran has made on our behalf. Sacrifice includes sweat, time away from family, and loss of limb, mind, or life. Veterans have risen to the challenge to ensure our safety and freedoms. Always remember that Veterans have made this a great country like no other in the world.

Featured Oral History Interview

The most popular and impactful oral history interview so far from the Making History Project appears to be from Justin Graham, a paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne. Justin did three combat tours and the emotions during the interview are raw and real. Today would be great day to take the time to see the impact that combat can have on our young soldiers:

Hear Their Voices

As a special tribute to Veterans Day, please also see the oral history interviews gathered by The Social Voice Project for our Veterans: