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Weekly Review for Veterans and Oral History for Friday, September 11, 2015

Here are some recent articles of interest that I found this week for U.S. Veterans. Enjoy!


Oral History News: Oral History is recommended to be excluded from rigorous IRB review

On September 8, 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a set of recommended revisions to the regulations concerning human subject research. Specifically, it recommended that oral history be explicitly excluded from review by institutional review boards, or IRBs, and alluded to the fact that oral history already has its own code of ethics, including the principle of informed consent.

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Weapons of History: Giant German Siege Gun

German Siege GunIn World War 2 the Germans liked to build them big and the the 60cm Siege Mortar Karl was no exception, it could fire shells of 60cm in diameter that weight 2170kg. It could fire its lighter shells at targets 10km away!

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Finding History: Latest Updates about the Nazi Gold Train

The Polish military have now secured the wooded area where the mystery train is supposed to be. Military engineers say the area needs to be cleared before any search can be conducted. The area might contain in booby traps or volatile weapon which can endanger the participants in the search.

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Finding History: Low river levels in Poland reveal lost artifacts

The receding water levels of the Vistula River in Poland this summer have revealed remnants of Jewish tombstones as well as a Soviet fighter plane from World War II with remains of its crew inside, the Associated Press reported.

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Thank you for reading (and sharing). Stay tuned for next week’s weekly review for U.S. Veterans.

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